Anxiety is the body and mind reaction to unfamiliar, dangerous, or stressful situations. It’s dread, distress, or uneasiness senses that you feel before a major event. There’s a certain level of anxiety that makes you stay aware and alert, but for those suffering from anxiety disorder, the feeling can be debilitating.

coping with anxiety

Tips for Anxiety Management

Anxiety management is the steps one takes to cope with anxiety. Anxiety works different for everyone, and sometimes it may take time before you find a strategy that suits you. For those finding it difficult to manage anxiety, it’s always best to seek professional help.

If you’re feeling anxious or stressed, here are a few tips that can be of help.

Healthy Lifestyle – Some of the things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle include spending time with family and friends, going out into nature, eating well, and keeping active. Doing the activities you enjoy also improves your well-being and reduces anxiety.

Live in the Moment – Anxiety can make your thoughts live in a future that hasn’t occurred yet. The best way to live in the moment is by practicing mindful meditation. 

Slow Breathing – Anxiety makes your breathing faster and shallower. When you’re anxious, it’s best if you deliberately try to slow down your breathing. Count to three as you breathe in and do the same as you breathe out.

Break Big Projects into Smaller Tasks – Worry and anxiety can easily find its way in your workplace in the form of procrastination. People with anxiety may want to complete work on time or show up on time, but this can be difficult. The best way to handle such a situation is by breaking down huge projects into small manageable tasks.

Setting small but achievable goals is effective for anyone dealing with social anxiety. For instance, if you find going to a party overwhelming, try setting small goals like talking to one person you don’t know or greeting the host.

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